Demidov geese

"Invakorp Agro" Ltd.


LLC "Agro Invakorp" cultivates goslings and goose meat supply excellent quality for over 15 years.

Goose farm with the sonorous name "Demidov geese" is in the Demidov's Smolensk region, since 1995. This area is of particular environmental cleanliness: dense forests, clear lakes, springs - speak for themselves. Nearby is the National Park "Smolensk Lakeland." Geese, grown in our economy with a distinct taste of meat. This is facilitated by a natural condition and feeding - the grass with coastal meadows and wheat, oats, peas, grown in local fields.

Assortment of birds:

  • Lindovskie, Italian, Lufia geese and goslings. Ducks and ducklings of various breeds.
  • Quail and quail egg hatching breed "Pharaoh"
  • From April to August, here you can buy a small geese, ducks of various breeds, as daily and grown.

Please note:

  • Quality, responsibility, honesty, integrity - these are the principles of our work!
  • Geese breed "Linda", one of the largest and most unpretentious in the content, domestic breeds.
  • Safety of our goslings 93-95%.
  • We have advanced technology, feeding and growing goslings.
  • Individual approach to each customer. Tips, advice, practical help newcomers breeders of geese.
  • Claims by the buyer as soon as possible.
  • Veterinary supplies, feed, feed formulation, feeding schemes.
  • Volume discounts and arrange delivery at wholesale.
  • Come and buy geese, geese, goose meat, offal, goose down and feather you any day, at any time, we will always welcome!!
  • Meat and eggs produced on the farm, have certificate conformity GOST (Russian standard).
  • We have to have their own small slaughterhouse, freezer blast freezing, which allows you to store the meat in the best conditions.
  • In 2009, our company has formed a breeding stock quail breed "Pharaoh"
  • Daily our quail-laying hens are demolished for you freshest food and hatching eggs.
  • Prices for our products (daily goslings, geese lindovskoy breed meat geese, quail, quail egg) are among the lowest in the region. And in the Smolensk region prices are unbeatable.

Here are some of the things that I would like to draw your attention to the fact that we can offer you a guaranteed ...

Order of geese, ducks, quail, quail eggs can in Smolensk and Moscow at the instructions on the site. Order and you will not regret it - the meat of this quality is hard to find on other farms and other suppliers. Real village geese raised for you, will you do on the holiday table.

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