Demidov geese

"Invakorp Agro" Ltd.

Products and prices

We generate orders for April-August 2012 on the daily and podroschennyh geese of various breeds. Also quail and quail eggs, meat, goose, duck (fresh frozen carcass).

Range for the season of 2012.

In the season of 2012 and is scheduled to sell about 30 thousand geese Lindovskaya, Italian, Lufia breed and cross (hybrid) of these three species.

Lindovskaya - meat, precocious breed, one of the largest domestic breeds. Breed meat, weight of male goose - 12kg, female goose - 5-7kg.

Italian - egg production (up 50yaits). Weight of male goose - 5-7kg, female goose - 4-5kg.

Lufia gray geese, old Russian breed, bred in the 18th century on Ural. Weight of male goose - 6kg, female goose - 5kg.

Gus is very unpretentious bird can eat pasture, green, waste from the table.

And ducks of various breeds and crosses, Star53, Beijing, Musk, et al.

Ducks are very precocious. Gaining weight very quickly, almost like chickens, and maybe faster, and feed costs a fraction! Term fattening before slaughter - 42-60days! Carcass weight with 2-3kg, with a minimum of fat! Delicious, juicy meat!

Since the birds are in good conditions, power is supplied without growth stimulants and weight, according to a recipe VNITIP, meat is completely ecological and natural.

Also on sale are quail and quail eggs.

Prices of quail egg: retail - 2 rubles., Wholesale from 500p - 1 rub.Inkubatsionnoe-8p-1pc

Prices for quail 1 Bird - 70 rubles.

Goose meat (frozen carcass), retail-270r-1kg, wholesale (from 50kg) 250r-1kg.

Duck meat (frozen carcass) 230r-1kg.

Prices of geese:

Price of daily goslings from 180 rubles to 220 rubles.
In addition, each day of the maintenance price increases by 5 rubles. When bulk purchase discounts are available:

  • 300 geese discount of 3%;
  • 500 goslings 5% discount;
  • 1000 goslings 10% discount;
  • Count of more than 2000 units, are discussed individually.