Demidov geese

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Growing goslings

At present, more and more farmers decide to breed geese. Besides the fact that geese bring their owners large eggs in large quantities, delicious hearty meat, fat, feathers, they can still be a very good living by breeding them.

Creating a goose farm, it should be remembered that one of the main conditions for the successful conduct of breeding geese is an opportunity geese graze in the pasture. Geese grazing use quite effectively. With free access to the green grass and the choice of its kind, the 1.5-2-month-old goslings can eat up to 1-1.5 kg of greens a day. That in itself makes breeding geese very cost effective.

Goose on the average in a single season can provide a host sixty pounds of meat, cheap and tasty. It is only necessary to know how to take care of the goslings.

The room in which will be grown goslings should be dry, well-ventilated, warm and scrubbing. Geese can live in the house where the floor is the litter layer of 3-5 centimeters in the house equipped with floor-grid, in the cells.

Litter can serve as sawdust, straw, wood chips. Pour a litter recommended every two to three days, or when contaminated.

Daily goslings grown without hens should warm by heaters. In the first five days of life goslings will be more comfortable next to the heater, the temperature is 24-28 degrees. As they grow, the temperature must be reduced: from 6 to 10 days up to 22-24 degrees, from 11 to 20 days up to 15-22 degrees.

If you do not follow the correct mode for heating goslings, they grow painful, weak, stunted, high probability of death goslings.

Once the goslings grow stronger, they can be let out on a walk. Should refrain from walking in rainy, cloudy, cool days. Also, do not produce goslings on damp grass.

If goslings will grow hen, the task owner much easier. Although the requirements for premises for hen while she incubates the eggs are also available. There should be a calm, quiet, dark, clean and warm (about 12 degrees).

Feed the geese need to start as soon as they dry off after hatching. Finely chopped hard-boiled egg, cottage cheese, green finely chopped nettles and dandelion - a favorite delicacy of goslings. Water goslings need of Vacuum drinkers water with manganese (light pink solution).