Demidov geese

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A little about the goose ...

Breeding geese in Russia has long been considered a paying business, thanks to the use of low-value food geese feed, produce high-quality meat and fat, as well as a valuable feather-down of raw materials for light industry.

In comparison with other poultry, geese unpretentious, able to eat a lot of green grass and digest, and various root vegetables and even hay. This makes it possible to breed geese in areas where there are not valuable pastures and inconvenient (slopes, ravines).

Geese - growing poultry, geese live weight daily until the age of 70-90 days, grows up to 50 times! Weight of 3-month gosling is up to 5kg. Wonderful and feed conversion in goslings, eaten 3kg feed, give 1 kg of weight gain!

From geese are not only meat, but also down and feathers raw. Goose feather and down is widely use for the production of blankets, pillows, warm clothing.

Goose-fat diet to treat food. It practically does not contain cholesterol that makes it indispensable in the diet of patients with cardiovascular diseases. Fat use in folk medicine to treat burns, acute respiratory infections, tuberculosis. No getting around without it and in perfumery, it is found in many creams, ointments.

Amazing bird goose. Accompanies man for millennia. Taming geese Man belongs to ancient times. Their domestication in many different countries: Iran, China, Egypt, India, ... Archaeologists have found that for example in Iran, they have tamed before the fourth millennium BC. In Greece, domestic geese have a thousand years before our era. And of course a history as geese saved Rome knows everyone!