Demidov geese

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Features breeding of lindovskih geese

To lindovskie geese properly grow and develop, with the proper care they need. Otherwise, it is likely that individuals are obtained weak, ill-suited to life.

First, the goose farm must be a poultry house, where the geese live, and with an area for walking. By area subject to special requirements. Its area should be at least 6.4 square meters per goose. That is, if you have 10 geese, the optimal area of ​​the site - 40-60 square meters.

Geese walk to daily. The exceptions are the days when it's windy and freezing. It is undesirable to produce geese in the paddock in the rain.

Growing goslings

At present, more and more farmers decide to breed geese. Besides the fact that geese bring their owners large eggs in large quantities, delicious hearty meat, fat, feathers, they can still be a very good living by breeding them.

A little about the goose ...

Breeding geese in Russia has long been considered a paying business, thanks to the use of low-value food geese feed, produce high-quality meat and fat, as well as a valuable feather-down of raw materials for light industry.

In comparison with other poultry, geese unpretentious, able to eat a lot of green grass and digest, and various root vegetables and even hay. This makes it possible to breed geese in areas where there are not valuable pastures and inconvenient (slopes, ravines).